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The Easy Way To Scrap Your Car For Cash

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Our junk car removal and scrap service is licensed and delivered professionally, allowing you to dispose of your scrap car for free and with complete peace of mind. Browse through our online scrapit classified section as we recycle every possible vehicle part to ensure scrapping your unwanted car helps care for the environment too. Feel free to join and place your ad in one of our categories as well.

In addition, we follow all legal requirements for scrapping cars safely, helping you fill in the tax-transfer document, before we send it to ICBC to free you of any further legal obligations to the car, and providing you with a Certificate of Destruction.

If you want to scrap your car, just get in touch with us and we’ll arrange for a fast and free removal of your vehicle, and take care of the entire disposal process for you.


Our Scrap Junk car removal service: The zero-cost and zero-concern way to scrap your car for free and get Paid today!


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Free collection, Cars of all conditions scrapped, Convenient, efficient service, Environmentally friendly, DVLA documents looked after, Fully licensed